Message from Peter Couche

Friends and supporters of the foundation often ask me what the latest research developments are and how the foundation is going.

So, twice a year I hope to tell you about all the major developments in the rapidly growing field of stem cell technology (arguably the fastest growing area of medical research), and the implications this has for those suffering from the after-effects of stroke, through our newsletter.

Already the single largest cause of disability in the country, stroke may well become the disease of the 21stCentury. According to a survey conducted by Access Economics those likely to suffer a stroke in the foreseeable future is set to increase. Currently, people 55 years and over have at least a 50% likelihood of a major cardiovascular attack within the next 5 years! Mainly because our lifestyle is so corrosive to good health.

Stroke affects approximately 60,000 people every year, and the financial burden to the community is enormous. Not only is there a huge financial cost to the community, but also there is currently no treatment that repairs the brain post-stroke.

It is possible that stem cells may become to the 21st Century what antibiotics were to the 20th Century. We are fortunate in South Australia to have the only unit in the country dedicated to finding a cure for stroke using stem cells (this unit is situated in the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Institute, and is headed by the internationally acclaimed Associate Professor Simon Koblar).

The foundation will continue to focus upon supporting the groundbreaking work of this Unit. We also simultaneously hope to raise awareness of stroke within the community.

We are already looking forward to our annual campaign ‘Don’t Speak – Silence for Stroke’ to be held on Friday 14th September. This year we hope to reach a wider audience and to do even better than the amazing total of $65,000 you raised for us in 2011.

The Foundation is also taking part in this year’s People’s Choice Community Lottery. Every cent of each ticket we sell goes directly to research. The tickets are $2 each and our board has committed to raise $4,000 for the foundation from ticket sales. The prizes are spectacular, so…Good Luck!

Thank you again for your support.


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