New Ambassador: Tom Harley

Tom Harley, the Geelong Cats' dual-flag winning skipper, retired from football in 2009 leaving behind one of the best captaincy records in AFL history.

On retirement, Harley joined the Seven Network as a commentator filling the much-coveted seat on Friday Night Football and making regular appearances during games and on talk show AFL Game Day. In September 2010, Harley released, through Penguin Books Australia, Standing Tall – a book on confidence, teamwork and leadership that he penned himself. Tom’s book includes a chapter dedicated to the inspiring story of Peter Couche – a man who lives his life in terms of what is possible, rather than probable.

Tom was proudly an ambassador for the Peter Couche Foundation's 2011 Don't Speak campaign and continues his support of The Foundation.

Learn more about Tom and his involvement in Don't Speak in the Sydney Morning Herald