The Peter Couche Foundation is an initiative of the University of Adelaide supporting innovative stroke research.

To date, through our supporters, The Peter Couche Foundation has raised vital funds to build the knowledge of how adult stem cells could repair the brain following stroke. A program led by Professor Simon Koblar at the University of Adelaide.

Significant developments and collaborations have been achieved and now to take this research to a Phase 1 Clinical Trial substantial investment needs to come from government or commercial avenues.  We remain hopeful that over the longer term, further advances will be made to translate the use of human Dental Pulp Stem Cells into the clinical domain for chronic post stroke disability.

Moving into the future, the Peter Couche Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to the support of research into brain repair after stroke.  Our plan is simple - to keep raising vital funds for stroke research and to raise awareness of stroke in the community.

Our aim is to support the next generation of stroke researchers. To date we have invested in three outstanding Fellows and PhD Candidates:

  • Dr Karlea Kremer

  • Dr Xenia Kaidonis

  • Annabel Sorby-Adams (PhD Candidate)

We also strive to grow our knowledge in this important area and collaborate with the University of Adelaide to support visits to South Australia by international stroke experts.

Research is providing new hope to repair stroke damaged brains.

Learn how you can make a difference to the lives of stroke victims through supporting medical research.